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We believe in public accountability and ongoing reporting for our building so that the building’s design potential is being met or improved upon.
As part of tracking our progress, each year we publish a comprehensive report on the overall performance of the Szencorp Building. Independent reports are available on occupant productivity, occupant satisfaction, waste and indoor environment quality (IEQ). Read the Building Performance Reports below...

Overall Building Performance
Building Performance Reports

2009 Building Performance Report

2008 Summary Building Performance Report
2008 Full Building Performance Report

2006 Summary Building Performance Report
2006 Building Performance Report

Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ)

A 2006 Indoor Environment Quality Report by MABEL of Deakin University found:

  • Internal air quality is equivalent to rural air
  • No detectable formaldehyde levels
  • Very low levels of VOCs

IEQ report

Occupant Productivity and Satisfaction

A 2009 Post Occupancy Evaluation Report by Encompass Sustainability found:

  • Tenants were very forgiving of common building problems involving heating, cooling and lighting because the building is sustainable
  • The Szencorp Building ranked in the top 4% for overall building performance in Australia
  • The Szencorp Building was the highest scoring Australian building in the international sustainable buildings benchmark, achieving a 'Good Practice' rating for overall performance

2009 Post Occupancy Evaluation report

A 2006 Post Occupancy Evaluation Report by Encompass Sustainability found:

  • Reported overall productivity increase of 13%
  • Overall design, comfort and health rated above average
  • 77% of all employees drive a car or motorcycle to work, 18% take public transport, 5% cycle

2006 Post Occupancy Evaluation report


A 2009 Waste Audit Reoprt by Great Forest Australia found:

  • Waste generated is 79kg per occupant, per year
  • The building's recycling rate is 76%

2009 Waste Audit report

A 2006 Waste Audit Report by Great Forest Australia found:

  • Waste generated is 94kg per occupant, per year, which is 54% lower than the established benchmark of 173kg per person per year for Australian commercial buildings.
  • The building's recycling rate is 67%

2006 Waste Audit report