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Vision: To reduce materials, emissions, recycle wherever possible and use recycled materials.

During refurbishment:

  • A comprehensive waste management plan (WMP) ensured 80% of waste was recycled and/or reused during construction.
  • The building itself was recycled, creating embodied energy savings and reducing waste to landfill
  • The existing lift was upgraded instead of being replaced

The New Interior fitout:

  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) fitout.
  • Recyclable nylon carpet with extremely low VOC emissions
  • Synthetic rubber flooring is used in kitchenette areas instead of vinyl
  • Natural stone tiling was used in public areas
  • Reconstituted timber veneers were specified as finishes for all doors and cupboards forming entries to the service and amenities cores of each office level and in the reception.
  • Pressed wood pulp panels used as feature walling in the office and reception areas.
  • Polyester privacy and graphics film (instead of vinyl) was used to provide a screening on glass panels in areas of the fit-out.
  • Office areas are fitted out with >90% post-industrial recycled aluminium ceiling tiles.
  • All face joinery and wall-panelling utilise e-zero (low emission) MDF (medium density fibre-board), the carcasses of all the joinery utilise e-zero (low emission) particle-board.
  • Phenolic resin desk-tops
  • Handle pulls have been designed into units to minimise pull hardware.
  • Non-chromium treated leather upholstery.
  • Meeting room tables utilise recycled stringy-bark timber.