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Work commenced in mid-2004 to re-design and re-engineer 40 Albert Road from an outdated, typical inner-Melbourne office of the 1980s, to a state-of-the-art green building. Following the brief, the initial plans were drawn-up and costed. Subsequently, the plans were re-drawn and re-engineered. They were constantly amended as more technological innovations and structural changes were developed.

Initial plans included:

  • Double-skin, double glazed facade with motorised louvers and windows for natural ventilation
  • Target-adjusted 3-4w/m2 lighting system using MLS, T5 and LEDs
  • Roof to incorporate green, open air meeting spaces, PV, rainwater capture and Solar Hot Water
  • IT system to be matched to PV source
  • BMS front end for M & V metering, security access, CO2 monitoring
  • Indoor Air Quality through filters, vacuum systems and non-toxic/low emission material selection
  • Thermal cladding
  • Zero churn costs through MLS and raised floor work station services delivery
  • Rainwater to provide all water needs
  • Vacuum based toilets, hand basins etc.
  • Remove conventional ceiling plenum and use recycled raised floor system:
  • Use slab interim for heating and cooling
  • Increase work space volume: 400mm net height gain for offices
  • Electrical/IT services delivery and individual workstation controls
  • Ventilation and use of natural convection

Rejected plans include:

  • Double Skin Façade
  • Black Water
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Chilled Beams
  • Raised Floors
  • Service Pods

To read in more detail about the rejected plans click here.