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The Szencorp Building’s energy efficiency is excellent and improving every year. In the first year of operation, 61% energy was saved and in the second year this saving rose to 71%. The project used computer modelling to assess predicted energy usage and opportunities for natural day lighting and ventilation.

Energy use is minimised in the building by use of key strategies and technologies such as:

  • Efficient light fittings
  • Integrated sensor and management system for occupancy lighting, HVAC and security control.
  • 59 individual meters to monitor and track energy use
  • The building is split into 21 zones with occupancy and daylight sensors to make sure that lights and air-conditioning are only activated when needed.
  • Natural Ventilation – natural convection currents are used to supplement or replace mechanical air-conditioning wherever possible, the weather station on the roof communicates with the Building Management System (BMS) to open and close windows and vents to take advantage of outside conditions to heat and cool the building.

Building Management System (BMS)
The Building Management System provides a single interface for the passive (natural ventilation) and active (mechanical) thermal control system, lighting control system, security and other automated systems. Via a high level interface, the BMS also integrates the information from a weather station, for the control of the mixed mode ventilation, to ensure natural ventilation is used as much as possible, and to prevent cross winds from unbalancing internal airflows.

Each floor is split into several zones, where temperature, humidity, daylight, lighting levels, air quality and occupancy are monitored. The system supplements passive thermal ventilation and lighting systems with active systems as necessary. When a zone is unoccupied, active lighting and thermal systems are shut down to save energy. Electricity, gas and water usage is remotely monitored and SMS messaging is used to alert maintenance personnel of an abnormal situation.

Managed Lighting System
The Managed Lighting System (MLS) control system is a network of motion sensors that control lighting in offices in response to occupancy and dims artificial lighting to compensate for natural lighting levels. Energy efficiency is achieved by maintaining lighting only in the zones that are occupied. Lighting will switch on automatically upon entering a zone and switch off when the zone is vacated (after a delay).

Mixed Mode Ventilation
The ventilation system is mixed mode, with natural ventilation supplied by opening windows and vents, and mechanical ventilation supplied by ceiling mounted fan coil units that have a damper to close off outside air.