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The Szencorp Building’s Ratings
Opened in 2005, the Szencorp Building was one of Australia's first sustainable buildings and continues to be Australia's highest rated sustainable building. In Australia, there are two different star rating systems. NABERS ratings, which are based on a building's continuing performance, and Green Star ratings, which are for a building's design. More information about these rating systems can be found below.

NABERS Water: 5 Stars
5 stars is the maximum rating achievable and denotes best performance.
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NABERS Energy: 5 Stars
5 stars is the maximum rating achieveable and denotes best performance.
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NABERS Waste: 4.5 Stars
4.5 stars denotes above average performance. The Szencorp Building is currently the only building to have achieved a 4.5 Star rating - no building has achieved a 5 Star rating.
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Green Star: 6 Stars (Green Star Office Design v1 Certification)
6 Stars is the maximum rating achievable under the Green Star Office Design Certification and is considered to be ‘world leadership’ standard.

To achieve a 6 Green Star rating a building must score a minimum of 75 points. The Szencorp Building obtained a score of 83. Read the GBCA’s case study on the Szencorp Building here.

Nabers Energy Nabers Water Nabers Waste Green Star 6 star rating

How do the rating systems work?
National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS)
NABERS is a voluntary, performance-based environmental rating system for office premises. Ratings are offered for Energy, Water, Waste and Indoor Environment.

NABERS ratings are on a scale of one to five stars, reflecting the performance of the building relative to the market, from least efficient (one star) to best practice (five stars). Two and a half stars is the current market average. NABERS Water measures the water consumption of an office building, NABERS Energy measures energy use and NABERS Waste measures the amount of waste generated and how much of that waste is recycled or sent to landfill.

Unlike rating systems that are based on a building’s design, NABERS reflects the way energy, water and waste is managed. NABERS is a national initiative managed by the NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change and rates a building on the basis of its measured operational impacts on the environment.
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Green Star
The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) launched the Green Star environmental rating system for buildings in 2003. Green Star rating tools are a design-based suite of tools that aim to help the property industry improve the environmental performance of buildings, increase occupant health and productivity, and achieve cost savings, while advancing innovation in sustainable building practices. The Green Building Council of Australia is a national, not-for-profit organisation.

Carbon Offsetting
Szencorp offsets 120% of the building's calculated CO² emissions generated through electricity, natural gas, transport, freight and air travel. Carbon credits are purchased from Climate Friendly, which is one of the
highest-ranking offset providers according to Carbon Offset Watch.

In 2010, Szencorp offset 172.1 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. To view our Climate Friendly certificate click here.